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I-Tech Solutions your perfect I.T. and technology services partner

About I-Tech Solutions

I-Tech Solutions was founded in December 2002 by Clyde Langley and Brett Precious, both of whom were and are avid tech and entrepreneurial enthusiasts. Throughout the years they have followed and shared a single vision on the the direction of I-Tech Solutions and today they are happy to boast that they have created a successful and sustainable business through their shared passions.

We at I-Tech Solutions focus entirely on you the customer and your needs. We will customize our I.T. services to suit your unique requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service in all that we do. Our pledge to you is that we will supply only the most tried, tested and leading computer brands to ensure trouble free and pleasurable computing at all times.

We are a passionate team who enjoy creating the solutions you require. Our lines of communication are always open and we would really welcome and enjoy your comments and feedback.

  • Computer Repairs & Consulting

  • Networking

  • Sales

  • Apple Consulting


Vision and Mission for I-Tech Solutions

Our Vision…

“Achieving peace of mind computing through service excellence” 

Our Mission Statement….

At I-Tech Solutions we strive to create an ethos of professionalism and focus in our approach to business. We aim to achieve this by installing the values set out from inception of the business to our dedicated and competent staff. We strive for personal development within our ranks, ensuring that our clients are subjected to the highest possible quality of service at all times.

We believe in supplying the highest quality products whilst still considering value for money for our customers. Our products range from computer peripherals, to desktop computers, laptops, servers and proudly supply and support the entire Apple range. We supply known and trusted brands ensuring as little downtown as possible for our valued customers, and as mentioned in our vision, we strive for peace of mind computing allowing our valued clients to achieve their full potential through trusted technology and skills. Our complement of staff is trustworthy and reliable and will go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients.

Experience and skills have allowed I-Tech Solutions to grow into a stable and suitable company for delivering the skills and services to our customers. We constantly strive to grow within ourselves and as a company to ensure we stay one step ahead with respects to technology, products, services and pricing. Our long term vision is to expand this ethos into the future ensuring steady and productive growth and therefore allowing us to deliver our skills to a greater growing community and friends of I-Tech Solutions.

Meet the Team



Meet Brett, he is the heart of the operation, with his vast technical knowledge and experience he adds a calm, balanced approach to the smooth running of the business. Brett is a keen athlete participating in almost all variants of outdoor sporting events.




Warren has been part of the team for a good few years and is also part of our onsite technical crew. Warren is an incredibly hard worker and has worked is way up to being Brett’s right hand man. He is an avid programmer and tech enthusiast. Warren is a kind hearted but hardcore gym bunny.



Pranesh is a well-polished gem who’s polite demeanour and courteous approach to his clients makes Pranesh an asset to the technical team. He is part of our onsite team. His technical knowledge is impressive. Pranesh likes all things fast and furious.



Roxanne has been with us the longest and heads up Sales and Accounts, she will make sure you get your quote on time as well as pay your invoice on time and believe me she ensures everything is on time. Service is Rox's middle name! Rox is an avid seamstress and pastry chef in her spare time.



Rowan heads up our retail store I-Tech Store at Cascades Lifestyle Centre and is a true assest to the company, if any of you have dealt with him you will understand why.  Rowan is a keen fisherman and you will find him anywhere near a dam or river with a rod in his hand in his spare time.



Rishal is Rowan's assistant at our store and also hugely friendly and will ensure you leave the shop with the right product and or advice.  Rishal is always keen to help anyway he can. In his spare time he is around the braai with friends and family.



Mithesh heads up the Internal running of our Technical Department, he has a wealth of technical knowledge and experience which is key in his role. His organisation skills are incredible, ensuring our tech facility is in tip top shape.  He loves to read biographies in his free time.



Calvin is part of our Network Installations team and also assists with in-house Tech Support as well as remote support. His dedication ensures jobs are completed on time.  Calvin is an avid gamer and is often seen burning the midnight oil participating in online leagues.



Thamsanqa is also part of our Network Installations Team and has a keen interest in wireless setups and equipment.  His knowledge in this field is a huge assest to our team. He is also a keen cypto trader in his free time.



Natalia, is front of house and in charge of logistics. She arranges call outs and appointments for our technicians and makes sure they are on time, and makes sure good service is delivered.  She also has a keen interest in fitness and Bootcamp.

Points of Culture

We at I-Tech have taken a pledge amongst ourselves to be honest and truthful to our valued clients and our fellow colleagues. We believe that honesty is the highest attribute to be adhered to as it instills confidence and trust with all whom we interact with.

We believe that taking ownership for our tasks and responsibilities is paramount to the success of our business as this gives our clients a sense of due diligence with our staff. This also allows our staff to have a sense of job satisfaction knowing that they have been responsible in aiding towards a positive experience for our clients.

Service delivery and service excellence was the building block that I-Tech Solutions was established. The founding members have constantly maintained an ethos of service delivery throughout the years which has led to the success that the company has enjoyed. Service excellence is the key to customer retentions and customer satisfaction

Like with any meaningful relationship, communication is the cornerstone to upholding the basis for a solid union. The very same practice applies to a business. The team become a family unit built on communication, the communication channels are three fold one being customer communications and the second being internal staff / management and lastly external suppliers and contractors. Communication is a task that requires constant practice and determination to master, once mastered it can be the vessels for a very successful business, our goal at I-Tech is to create this vessel.

Commitment and dedication to our work is paramount in ensuring the high standards that we set for our clients I.T infrastructure and needs. We understand the specific and sometimes demanding needs of our customers that is why I-Tech management and staff will go out of their way in ensuring our clients needs are always put first and foremost and this is done by our committed pledge to them that they have our full commitment to their needs as our customers

Both members of I-Tech are passionate to the success of I-Tech Solutions as a business and as a service provider to our client base. That is why every action we undertake is duly understood that we will never undertake a task that would in any way jeopardise the integrity of I-Tech Solutions or that of the client, our morals and beliefs stand true to the members and staff of I-Tech as being something that is completely non negotiable in respecting the integrity of our company and our clients.

As our vision states “peace of mind computing” our ultimate goal is to ensure peace of mind computing for all our valued clients, this in it’s own right is an incredibly difficult task to achieve, but if we maintain a goal of creating an environment whereby our clients are content and happy in all that we are about as a company and their computing environment then we have achieved a major goal of creating a sense of “peace of mind computing”.

A sense of camaraderie and fun is something we have tried to bring into our working environment, this is delicately introduced as to ensure we strike a balance between hard work and a relaxed and fun environment to work in. Our staff understand this philosophy and are diligent in carrying out their tasks in a way that they are able to enjoy themselves whilst undertaking the roles set out for them.

Knowledge is power, We believe it is important for our staff to stay up to speed and in current affairs with the I.T. industry.

As members of I-Tech Solutions we spend a considerable amount of time and energy in working towards good values and camaraderie amongst our staff. For us it is paramount to maintain a high level of staff morale. This is achieved by maintaining an open communication channel with our staff therefore ensuring their well being at all times.

Through efficiency and focused workmanship we are able to output a quick and professional turnaround time for all work done by our competent staff. Efficiency is vitally important at all levels within our organisation and it is a component of our day to day functioning that we take very seriously.

“Positive thoughts yield positive results” We strive to maintain positivity at all times, In an challenging environment such as I.T it is incredibly important to maintain positive mindsets and confidence and this is what we strive for at I-Tech to empower our staff with the confidence and ability to conduct their work in a positive and confident manner.