ADSL for the Home

Fat Pipe ADSL

Get Fat Pipe data solutions for the best possible experience at an affordable price on either ADSL or high-speed VDSL connections. Fat Pipe Home is available on any line speed and is completely unshaped for smooth surfing and streaming.

The advantage of the Vox Fat Pipe data bundles:

  1. Midnight to 06:00 free uncapped Internet,
  2. Rollover of unused data to a max of 1.2TB on the 200GB product, and 1.8TB on the 300GB product.

Uncapped ADSL

Uncapped ADSL is geared for the user who doesn’t want to worry about exceeding their data cap, topping up or being left without connectivity. This is a cost-effective solution for users who want to choose their speed, rather than limit their surfing choices.

Plus, bandwidth is unshaped for the best performance and experience. Although this is an Uncapped ADSL solution, we reserves the right to apply its fair-use policy. *Ts & Cs apply.

DSL Lines

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL) are a cost-effective fixed line solution for reliable internet access. They are called asymmetrical because your download speed is higher than your upload speed. These types of connections are well suited to your regular internet uses – including emailing, browsing, watching videos and social media.

VDSL stands for Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line, and delivers a much faster experience. VDSL is ideal for handling both high demand web services like HD streaming, and tasks like VoIP over a single connection. VDSL has only been made available to a small number of locations but is growing as existing infrastructure is upgraded.

Visit this link to check what connectivity is available in your area.

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