Far South

Using intelligent, locally developed software, Far South PBX is an open-standards solution to direct calls into, within, and out of your organisation – over traditional lines or networked channels. It is scalable, cost-effective and packed full of features, so you can escape traditional telephone systems, and reap the benefits of smart telephony.

Verto Supreme

Verto Supreme is a premium IP Centrex solution which solves several common business headaches in a single go. This fully-managed IP telephony system is cloud-hosted and works with our Chrome Air (LTE), ADSL services or any form of our uncontended last mile connectivity, such as, fibre, diginet and microwave. It promises increased uptime and excellent quality voice. Verto Supreme is priced per user – making it softer on the budget.


Grandstream is a world-class private branch exchange (PBX) system from a leading global manufacturer, designed specifically for small businesses (less than 15 users), and hosted on-site for maximum control and security. Additionally, because Grandstream is open-licensed, it allows your users to access all the functions and features available on the PBX at no additional cost. This self-managed scalability lets you grow users without the added cost of extra user licenses. This is enterprise-grade IP PBX, without the enterprise price-tag.

Voice Logging

Atmos provides a clever solution for secure and compliant call logging – it’s South Africa’s first cloud-based voice logging solution embedded directly in any Far South PBX, meaning that you only pay for the cloud storage space you consume. Developed in partnership with Far South and Call Cabinet Corporation, this convenient tool offers enterprise-grade call logging that is compliant with local law and regulations including FICA, FAIS, POPI, and the CPA, so it can form part of training, security, and dispute resolution strategies. Enjoy peace of mind with unlimited storage for calls, encryption at source, search and sorting, and integrated backup.

Comm Manager

A 24-hour working day means you and your staff are always plugged in. From networking to sales, and expanding your business, you need a single view of your company’s communications use and spend patterns to make informed business decisions. Our web-based Communications Manager tool is an expense management system. In short, Communications Manager does the back-end work for you, crunching the numbers to provide a visual dashboard and alerting you when budget limits have been reached. You have complete control over spend and the use of resources, saving you money and time.

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