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Professional Repairs vs DIY

Why it’s important to trust the professionals instead of trying to Do-It-Yourself…
In this day and age, one only has to search google for any kind of tutorial on repairs and all the
information is right there at your fingertips. From fixing a broken mug to rewiring a Lexus V8
engine into a new vehicle, it’s all there.

So why do we need to trust anything to the professionals (and pay a pretty sum too)?
This is a common question and one that makes a lot of sense considering the DIY trend that is
sweeping the nation. While there are a lot of things one can fix at home with a little bit of tech
savvy and dextrous fingers, the problem comes along when you try to fix the little problem and it
becomes a far bigger problem instead.

A lot of the ‘simple’ tutorials out there are often done by people with quite a lot of know-how
themselves, they probably have equipment you don’t have (and a trust fund neatly tucked away
and ready to be plundered to restore whatever piece of technology they may wreck in the
process of making their DIY tutorial), so translating this into a DIY fix-it session at home with
your R15 000 computer (and no trust fund to be plundered) is a totally different thing.

The professionals are highly trained and skilled in all things technology and are equipped to
deal with any and all scenarios. They are familiar with all makes and models of the numerous
brands out there, and they understand the nuances and differences between different models
that can quite easily slip completely under our radar and can lead to very big, very permanent,

So maybe at the end of the day, it’s better (and kinder on your bank balance) to trust the
professionals with your precious technology and restrict the DIY bug to building a coffee table or
redecorating your living room.

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