Computer Repairs and upgrades

I-Tech Solutions offers fast and reliable computer repairs and upgrades to all makes of desktop computers and laptops.
computer repairs and upgrades
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Our team of technicians at I-Tech Solutions are highly trained professionals who have years of experience working on all kinds of laptops, printers, desktop computers and other hardware. We offer a fast turnaround service with quality workmanship for individuals and businesses alike – including other IT companies. Expertise includes repairing most major brands, in-house as well as walk-in repair centres in Pietermaritzburg for all computers.

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If you’re having a computer issue, bring it in to I-Tech for an assessment. We’ll let you know the best way forward and what your options are – repairing or purchasing a new one!

I-Tech is here to help with any computer issues that come up so don’t hesitate to stop by. Bring in your faulty device for an honest review of its condition and warranty coverage eligibility before deciding if repair or replacement makes more sense

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computer repairs and upgrades laptop batteries


We sell laptop batteries for all of the top brands. If you’re looking to purchase a new battery or just have yours checked out then we’ve got what you need! We’ll let you know how much it will cost before getting started too so there’s no surprises when its time to pay.

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We can supply laptop chargers for every brand of computer and model. Just provide the make, model number, or part number when ordering a charger and we can order the correct charger. Alternatively bring your charger to us and we’ll get the details.

computer repairs and upgrades screens


We have the knowledge and experience to repair or replace most device screens. Bring your device into our store for an assessment from one of our experts. Or simply contact us for some advice.

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If your laptop is shutting down randomly or hot to the touch and sounds like it’s struggling for air then you might be experiencing a problem with dust clogging up parts inside of your computer. Over time this can lead to more serious problems such as system failures depending on how bad the buildup has gotten.


Port Repair

Did you know that when your laptop is not recognizing USB devices, it can often be repaired or replaced? We specialize in Laptop USB Port Repair and other services for all types of laptops. Bring us a broken device today!


Liquid Damage

Liquid damage repair is a service provided by I-Tech Solutions. Our trained technicians have the tools and knowledge to fix your liquid damaged electronic device. So if your device accidentally has coffee, tea, wine or juice spilled it on it, turn it off immediately and contact us


We offer a comprehensive range of hardware upgrades for all computer parts. Our team would be happy to advise you on how the latest technology could give your computer a new lease of life, making it possible for everyone from students to professionals alike to get more out of their machine.


Upgrading your laptop’s RAM will significantly boost performance by allowing you to run many programs at the same time. The increased memory allows for multitasking, which is helpful when switching between multiple windows or applications quickly and easily!

computer repairs and upgrades ram

Hard DriveS

Are you looking for a way to increase your computer’s speed or storage space? We offer installation and cloning services on both SATA drives as well as SSDs. Having an SSD hard drive installed will offer a considerable performance boost and the hardware available these days offers great value. 



Don’t let a hard drive failure cause you to lose your files. Just because the data is inaccessible, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Our team of experts can help with any type of file recovery and have saved thousands from lost memories by retrieving what was thought to be unrecoverable!


Malware, the malicious software that infects and harms your computer system with or without notification, can be tough to remove. It often embeds itself in a windows file hiding its files or modifying them by adding it’s own code making it very hard for an average user to get rid of. Special utilities are needed (sometimes) which unmask these viruses allowing users access so they’re able delete the malware once and for all!

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