Our LTE Mobile Data Network has extensive coverage in SA and provides you with affordable data usage whether you have a bundle or not.
lte mobile internet
truely mobile internet

truely mobile internet

With the busy lifestyle most people live these days, it’s important to stay connected. Our LTE Mobile data service allows you to stay connected on the go. Get a sim card loaded with the data you need and use it any suitable device. It might be in your cell phone for better data coverage or in a portable router so you can use your laptop in a coffee shop. There are many applications for such a versatile internet service. 


If you live in an area which has no fibre internet, LTE may be a more desirable choice as it often provides higher speeds and a more stable connection compared to some other options.

LTE deals are cheaper than purchasing single bundle data from your mobile carrier.

If you live a lifestyle that is on the go; you probably spend less time at home. A portable LTE internet deal with a Mi-Fi router would suit your needs, allowing you to stay connected while out there.

One of the most significant problems with wireless carriers is that they often lock you into contracts for up to two years. This is not only inconvenient, it can also be costly. We offer convenient month-to-month deals, giving you room to move.

lte national coverage


We have expansive coverage in all major cities, towns and on national roads. So you’ll never be without an internet connection. 

lte no hidden costs

No Hidden Costs

No setup costs or connection fees. Top-ups are available at very reasonable per gigabyte pricing. 

lte sim cards

various SIM Cards

We offer standard, micro and nano sim cards to suit all devices.

lte no contracts


We don’t lock you into along term contact. If you change your mind, you can simply cancel before the end of the month.

lte assistance


Our friendly, competent staff are always available to assist you should you have any connectivity issues or queries. 

lte satisfaction


If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will pay for you to go to a provider of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide SIM cards in three sizes – standard, micro and nano. Please ensure that you select the correct size when you place your order.

Unfortunately not. This is a data-only service.

Any Airtime, Data and SMSes left over will be usable in accordance with their individual applicable expiry dates.

You will lose all Airtime, Data, SMS bundles as well as other credits held with your current Service Provider. Any messages you have saved on your old SIM Card (SMS, MMS & Voice) will also be lost.

No. Only our clients will be able to make use of our mobile data. If your contract is up for renewal, it might be a great time to consider porting your number over to us!


If you would like more information about our LTE products, please complete the form below and we will contact you. Or contact us on 033 342 7576

Please tell us where the LTE service will be used so that we can check the coverage in that area.