Fibre to the home means fibre internet access at your house rather than at an office. This is the fibre internet you get for your home and family.
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Fibre internet is the fastest, and most reliable internet service available today. Coupled with very affordable pricing it becomes the obvious choice for most homes. 

We provide uncapped accounts which means you never have to worry about running out of data. The speeds are fast enough for most families to stream services like Netflix on many devices at the same time without any buffering. 

It runs through fibre optic cable so you never have to worry about the weather affecting your connection. 

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Stay connected

Stay in touch with overseas friends, colleagues and family members without the costly phone bills! With fibre internet, you can make crystal clear VoIP calls and lag-free video calls. Explore our plans and get a super-fast connection now!

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Be entertained

You won’t have to worry about buffering again! Stream HD content like movies or series online. Enjoy smooth video-on-demand playback, with unlimited downloading. Say goodbye to buffering, say hello to quality entertainment.

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Work from home

Work smarter today. With fibre internet, you can send and receive large files, access video conferencing, and make the most of cloud-based services. Your work at home needs will be taken care of with a seamless connection to the office!

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Smart home

With a smart home, you can live safely and securely with the best security system on the market. Get alerted when someone enters your home, see who it is in real-time, and react. Stay more connected than ever with IoT devices that sync to your fibre connection. 

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Super Fast

There’s more than enough speed for the whole family to enjoy gaming, streaming, downloading and any other services. 

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A cable connection means no more downtime due to interruptions by the likes of trees or bad weather. 

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Choose a package that suits you and pay a set amount each month. You’ll never run out of data so there won’t be any surprise bills.

why work with us?

If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will pay for you to go to a provider of your choice.
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Some of our Fibre Network Partners

The cables and other fibre infrastructure around the country are provided by a handful of companies. Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) like I-Tech use this infrastructure to provide you with your fibre internet service. The infrastructure in your area maybe be provided by more than one supplier. If that’s the case you can decide which supplier to use. But regardless of who you choose, I-Tech will be your ISP. We’ll provide you with the same great customer service you’d expect from us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

ADSL runs over existing copper wire infrastructure. This is often unreliable, heavily contended and offers average speeds of around 4Mbps. Fibre transmits information as light impulses along flexible glass fibres at incredible speed. This allows users to achieve speeds of up to 1000mbps. Fibre internet can be up to 250 times faster than ADSL.

We will order a line from the Fibre supplier in your area. The fibre line supplier then needs to run fibre from your boundary wall to inside your home and connect it to a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) device. The make /model of the CPE device is supplier dependent. We will then install a WAN enabled wireless router (which is provided for free on all of our bundle offerings) to get you connected to super-fast internet.

No. Fibre runs completely independently of your traditional voice (analogue/copper) line

The router needs to be compatible with fibre. We will provide you with the appropriate router/modem with your package of choice.

Yes, you can. Indicate that you require voice service when you place your order and we’ll get you setup.