Satellite internet is a great option when DSL, fixed wireless or fibre internet isn’t available. It offers good speeds and coverage for both personal and business use.
satellite internet

why satellite internet?

Our satellite internet service is ideal for any consumer or business requiring an affordable high-speed always-on internet access service. We get you online instantly to surf the web, watch videos, download mail, etc. and is available on a range of service plans with speeds up to 20Mbps. Contact us for more details regarding coverage and packages.


No infrastructure hassles

Satellite technology helps us to avoid the need for fixed lines or mobile service coverage. It also helps eliminate issues like cable theft and poor signal.


Quick installation and reliability

No matter where you are located we will be there to provide installation and support. We promise swift installation and provide support 24/7, 365 days a year even if you are in the middle of nowhere.


Business as usual

Our satellite internet service supports integrated ICT services like VoIP calling, video streaming and conferencing, and IP-enabled CCTV technology.

lte no hidden costs

Cost effective

We have several uncapped packages to suit your needs.

quick to install

Quick to install

We provide fast installation anywhere in the country. 

lte national coverage

Extensive coverage

Our satelLites cover almost the whole of South Africa.

high speed

High speed

We can offer speeds of up to 20 Mbps depending on your coverage.

lte assistance


Our friendly, competent staff are always available to assist you.

lte satisfaction


If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will pay for you to go to a provider of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

VSAT terminals are installed at your sites by authorised installers. Each terminal consists of a small dish installed outside at a carefully selected position to ensure it has a ‘clean’ path between the dish and the satellite. The dish connects via a coaxial cable to the satellite modem installed indoors, delivering internet access via its ethernet port(s). The satellite ‘relays’ signals in the Ka-frequency band, between the VSAT terminal and an earth-station in Frankfurt, ‘connecting’ the VSAT terminal to the Internet.

The service is available throughout South Africa, except for small areas in the Northern Cape and North West Province. Coverage is delivered via 6 high-power spot-beams, each focused on a specific part of the country, overlapping in some areas.

The further a customer is located away from the centre of the spot-beam (where signals are the strongest), the weaker the signals become. For sites towards the edges of the beams, we compensate for the ‘weaker’ signal by using a larger dish. The 2 dish sizes being deployed for this service are: 74cm (oval) and 98cm (round) and this is dependent on feasibility.

There are numerous packages available to choose from. The advertised speeds are maximum “burstable” throughputs. Our network capacity planning aims to ensure that during the busiest hours of usage, the throughput over the satellite path does not drop below 30% of the link’s maximum speed.

To ensure voice quality, a network connection must support a feature called ‘Quality Of Service (QoS)’ that prioritises voice traffic over normal data traffic (e.g. http, YouTube, torrents, etc.). If you need to run telephone calls, please ensure that you inform us that you require a ‘Voice’ enabled service plan. These are specifically designed to prioritise voice and supports between one to eight concurrent G.729 encoded voice calls – depending on the service plan selected.

Our service uses sophisticated acceleration techniques to enable high-speed performance over high-latency satellite links. Without this feature, TCP connections would only deliver a throughput of around 100Kbps – simply because of the round trip latencies involved over satellite connections.

These acceleration technologies cannot accelerate traffic running inside tunnels. Tunnel payloads are commonly encrypted in any event, making it impossible to analyse the packet payload to attempt acceleration.

When running VPN tunnels over satellite internet, customers need to implement their own TCP acceleration system. Otherwise the performance will be limited to around 100Kbps – regardless of service plan being used.

5Mbps: Will be throttled to 3Mbps after a 100GB used, 1.5Mbps after 150GB used and 1Mbps after 200GB’s used during the monthly data cycle.

10Mbps: Will be throttled to 5Mbps after a 150GB used,3Mbps after 250GB used and 1.5Mbps after 300GB’s used during the monthly data cycle.

20Mbps: Will be throttled to 10Mbps after a 200GB used, 5Mbps after 350GB used and 2Mbps after 400GB’s used during the monthly data cycle.